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We have approximately 35’000 square feet of internal storage space with limited secure yard space. We provide the usual RH+D warehousing services which include offloading containers quickly and efficiently, even when goods have not been palletised (container destuffing). Our stock system, LocateIT, provides complete stock movement information at the touch of a button.


Bar code identification was introduced into our operation early in 2004. This gives us the benefit of real time stock control, as well as being able to download and store particular information held within our customers' own barcode.


Many of our existing customers have a sales and administrative set up and are keen to use a reliable company like Baird,, who take responsibility for their goods from point of manufacture to point of sale. This results in us having a wide customer base throughout the UK, Europe and America, dealing in a wide range of goods from components for the electronics industry, Scottish Whisky Industry packaging to wood carvings from the Far East.


To use our first class warehousing services, please get in touch.